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KleenAir has joined Comduc

We are pleased to announce the merger of Comduc (Commercial Ducting & Hood Services Ltd) and KleenAir Services Limited.

For you, the customer, it is business as usual

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

For customer peace of mind and our own quality assurance we photograph our jobs

On the first service of your kitchen extraction unit, laundry exhaust, air conditioning system, ventilation system or ducting system, and upon request after that, we are very happy to create a photographic report so you can see what we have done. Most of what we do cannot be seen from the outside.

A photographic report allows the customer to understand the hidden hazard that we deal with.

We see many canopies or hoods that look spotless on the outside due to the efforts of a diligent chef. Once we take the filters off and look inside the hood or canopy, it is often a very different story. Kitchens are a dangerous place - it is often not safe for a customer to climb on an oven to look inside the canopy or hood - and the same is true of ducting systems, whether they be a laundry exhaust, a ducted ventilation system, an air conditioning system or any duct system; it is not safe or practical for the customer to get inside these systems or climb on the roof to view the inside the duct or fan. This is why our photographic reports are so important.

We have nothing to hide

Many other duct cleaning companies do not provide photographic evidence. Why do you think that is? At KleenAir we have nothing to hide - we are the honest, hardworking duct cleaning company.

We consider photographic reports to be a valuable tool in putting trust into the strong long-term relationships we enjoy with our valued customers.





Our staff are trained to the following standards:

Confined Space Entry

Our Staff are Assessed to NZQA Unit Standards:

Rope Access

Our Duct Cleaning Specialists Have:

Working at Heights

Our Staff are Assessed to NZQA Unit Standards:

KleenAir Services is certificated for:

Elevated Work Platforms NZQA Unit Standards:

Permit Receiver and Hazard id- NZQA Unit Standards:


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for verification of our training.   


KleenAir Services is  IQP Registered


Our Operators are First Aid Trained




Our Health and Safety Systems are Audited by Prequal and Sitewise