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KleenAir has joined Comduc

We are pleased to announce the merger of Comduc (Commercial Ducting & Hood Services Ltd) and KleenAir Services Limited.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Inspection Coming Up ?

Another service that we offer is overhead and specialised factory cleaning. Do you have an inspection coming up? Are there some hard to reach stubborn marks that seem too hard to access? Have you got so busy that your staff don’t have the time or maybe the skills to give your plant a professional deep clean?

We are Skilled at Overhead and Specialised Factory Cleaning

At KleenAir Services, our staff are fully trained and certified to work at height, enter confined spaces, use elevated work platforms and position ourselves to work by rope access. These are all the skills required to clean ducted ventilation systems, and they are highly transferable skills when it comes to overhead and specialised factory cleaning. We have all sorts of innovative access solutions. An example of this is that our staff are certified to operate knuckle booms. This amazing piece of equipment from Europe folds down so small that it can fit through a factory door. Once it unfolds, it has three booms which can all be set in different directions, allowing us to get to places around machinery and equipment which would otherwise be deemed inaccessible.

We Work in With Your Schedule

We are also very flexible as to when we can perform this type of work. Once our obligation-free quotation has been accepted we can very quickly develop an effective and efficient customized strategy to meet the objectives and standards that you set for us. If we have to work nights, early mornings, weekends or public holidays, that’s what we will do.

We Can Save You Money with Our Specialised Knowledge

You will be surprised how much of a difference using KleenAir Services will make to the end results. As we are a highly specialised duct cleaning company, we know what chemicals to use and how to use them on stubborn stains and blemishes. We save our customers money when they decide to engage us for their unique cleaning task, as we are able to get the job done faster and do the job better than if they used their own busy staff.

We Get the Job Done Safely and Quickly

So whether you require your overheads cleaned, your walls scrubbed, your warehouse hot water blasted, your engine room deep cleaned, whether it’s in your critical hygiene areas or on your roof or whatever - KleenAir Services will establish a pragmatic plan to get the job done safely and quickly. We will also put together a full photographic report once we have completed the job, so that you have a record of what we have done. Contact us today - no job is too big or too difficult for KleenAir Services.