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KleenAir has joined Comduc

We are pleased to announce the merger of Comduc (Commercial Ducting & Hood Services Ltd) and KleenAir Services Limited.

For you, the customer, it is business as usual

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

It's surprising how a little bit of dirt can cause a full scale disaster

You would be surprised at how small a build-up is required to cause a fire or health hazard in a kitchen extraction unit, laundry exhaust, air conditioning system or a ducted ventilation system. Thankfully luck is on most people's side and they never have to deal with the catastrophic consequences of a ducting fire, which could result in the loss of your plant equipment, the building or even lives. Only you can assess how this would affect you.

It just takes one spark 

In kitchen extraction units it just takes one spark to enter the system to ignite the highly flammable grease. Once the canopy or hood is on fire, it does not take long for the duct to ignite, the fan helps the fire spread fast. In laundry exhausts, a build-up of fluff and lint can lead to extreme temperatures in the ductwork and combustion. An increase of bacteria and dust in air conditioning units and ducted ventilation systems can cause unpleasant odours and 'Sick Building Syndrome'. On a lesser scale, a build-up in the extraction system will add to the wear and tear on your fan and reduce the efficiency of the system, which can cause costly breakdowns.

We care about your building's safety

At KleenAir Services we are always happy to visit you onsite, to assess the servicing requirements of your kitchen extraction unit, laundry exhaust, air conditioning system or ducted ventilation system. We are highly specialised duct cleaners - as we are the only duct cleaning company in the South Island that is equipped for rope access jobs, we can clean ducts and risers that other companies would deem inaccessible. We care about your building's safety. 

Please contact us for a no obligation, free quotation for all your duct cleaning requirements.


Unseen Hazards

  • Buildup being removed
  • Fan Grill buildup
  • Flammable Grease Removed from canopy
  • Heavy buildup
  • Overdue Job Serious Fire Risk
  • Scraping


Our staff are trained to the following standards:

Confined Space Entry

Our Staff are Assessed to NZQA Unit Standards:

Rope Access

Our Duct Cleaning Specialists Have:

Working at Heights

Our Staff are Assessed to NZQA Unit Standards:

KleenAir Services is certificated for:

Elevated Work Platforms NZQA Unit Standards:

Permit Receiver and Hazard id- NZQA Unit Standards:


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for verification of our training.   


KleenAir Services is  IQP Registered


Our Operators are First Aid Trained




Our Health and Safety Systems are Audited by Prequal and Sitewise