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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hidden Contaminants

The conditions inside a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system are perfect for many contaminants and pathogens to multiple in. Whether it's mould, yeast or other bacterial and fungal nasties, the HVAC system if uncleaned and unsanitised does a very good job of spreading these contaminants around your building or plant. This may lead to people in the building with weakened immune systems getting sick or it may lead to product loss through airborne contamination.

Kleenair the HVAC System Cleaning & Sanitising Specialists

We have developed innovative and effective techniques that, when implemented on a regular programmed maintenance program, will eliminate these risks. Our services should pay for themselves with the savings made through reduced product waste and healthier, more productive staff. We use MPI approved chemicals and our staff are fully trained. We have a very detailed health & safety plan which is continuously improved. We will easily meet or exceed the requirements to become an approved contractor at your site.

We Clean and Sanitise the Full System

Cleaning and sanitising the full system includes: the air handling units (AHU), the plenum chambers, coils and fan; all safely accessible internal portions of the ducting and risers; and the grills for both return and supply air. We are confined spaces trained, so if the duct is big enough to get inside, this is what we will do. Manual scraping and scrubbing is the most effective method to clean a duct. We take photos of what we do so that we can prepare a detailed photographic report for you. We complete a detailed hazard analysis before every job and have regular toolbox meetings to discuss how to safely complete the important preventative maintenance that we are performing. 


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