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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Why use rope access? 

Due to local clean air regulations, ventilation exhausts are often located in parts of a building that are impossible to access by any other method than rope access. At KleenAir Services we pride ourselves on practicing the old principle that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right. Some duct cleaning companies give the illusion that they are cleaning the riser properly by installing expensive scaffoldings and token access panels; but the truth is that the bulk of the riser still remains inaccessible and the hazard remains.

We have ample experience in using rope access to clean risers and ducts, whether they are kitchen extraction units, laundry exhausts or ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our customer base in this highly specialised field of expertise includes hospitals, shopping malls, airports and hotels. Every ventilation ducting system is different, and this means we have to individually customise an access plan for each job. To safely access a riser by rope access we need an anchor point - this may be a beam or a specially engineer-installed and certified anchor point.

Safety always comes first

Some jobs require us to abseil down risers, and other jobs require us to attach ourselves to fall arrestors and climb down a rope ladder. Whatever technique we use, safety always comes first. We use the Australian Hazard Identification Systems- Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) - this means we put every step in our process under the microscope and look at what may go wrong and find ways to either minimise, eliminate or isolate the chances of something going wrong. This indemnifies our customers if something did happen. Our customers are also able to rest easy with our ample Public Liability Cover of up to $10 million. You


Systems and experience

We always have a well-defined rescue plan and standby person in place prior to any work commencing. We have fine-tuned our systems so that we actually have a higher chance of injury when we climb a ladder than when we abseil down a riser! Often four different systems would have to fail us before we fall. As it is our lives on the line, we like to completely eliminate any chance of a fall occurring.


Specialist training and equipment

Rope access duct cleaning does not come cheap, due to the specialist training and equipment required. We are always happy to give obligation-free quotes and advice. Rope access is still cheaper than erecting expensive scaffoldings and access panels, and the advantage is that the whole system is cleaned - not just as far as can be reached from a scaffolding. While our rope access duct cleaning service is expensive, it is much cheaper than the damage that could be caused to your operation if a duct fire did erupt. KleenAir Services stands by all of our work; we complete all our work to the Australasian Standards AS/NZ 3666. We are always happy to conduct our work outside your hours of operation to avoid any disruption to your schedule.

We are qualified rope access operators

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  • overhead cleaning
  • Fall Arrester
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  • Rope access training
  • Rescue Practice
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Our staff are trained to the following standards:

Confined Space Entry

Our Staff are Assessed to NZQA Unit Standards:

Rope Access

Our Duct Cleaning Specialists Have:

Working at Heights

Our Staff are Assessed to NZQA Unit Standards:

KleenAir Services is certificated for:

Elevated Work Platforms NZQA Unit Standards:

Permit Receiver and Hazard id- NZQA Unit Standards:


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for verification of our training.   


KleenAir Services is  IQP Registered


Our Operators are First Aid Trained




Our Health and Safety Systems are Audited by Prequal and Sitewise