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We are pleased to announce the merger of Comduc (Commercial Ducting & Hood Services Ltd) and KleenAir Services Limited.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Our staff are fully trained to work in confined spaces, working at heights and in rope access. It may sound like we are blowing our own trumpet, but people’s lives depend on us doing our job well. Kitchen extraction units pose a serious fire risk if the grease build-up is not removed - it is sometimes not even necessary for a spark to enter the canopy for the grease build-up to ignite. Extreme temperatures are the norm in canopies and ducting; this is enough to cause combustion. The same is true in laundry exhausts; as lint and fluff build up, combustion becomes more likely, again due to the extreme temperatures. Once a ducting fire starts, it spreads very quickly.

The hazard posed by air conditioning units is more subtle. As dust mites and bacteria multiply in the ducting and grills, the health of the building’s occupants is put at risk - this can lead to “Sick Building Syndrome”. Look up at the grills of your air conditioning system - those dark stains on your ceiling around the grills are a good indication that your health is at risk. Another less dramatic advantage of having your ventilation system serviced correctly is that there is less wear and tear placed on the fan and system as a whole, preventing costly breakdowns.